Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yuma Moon / more 466th Bomb Group Research

Took a few moonrise photos on a clear night in Yuma and this one had some odd apparition going on......didn't think my front yard is haunted.......didn't appear in any of the other photos.
Well, been a while since a post....we've traveled thousands of miles in the past 4 weeks. Currently in Fritch Texas which is in the panhandle. Had tremendous storms last Thursday night accompanied by tornado warnings. Nothing happened here except for torrential rain most of the night. So far we are enjoying Texas. Very nice people and pretty although mostly flat country. We are working at a marina on a lake so have some scenery to look at each day. I'll get some photos up one of these days.
Got an email from another son of a 466Th Bomb Group member. His Dad flew in a few of the same planes my Dad flew on. They were stationed in England at the same time and same place. He has some photos to share and I'll do the same. Talked with Dad today but the fellow airman's name didn't ring a bell. It has been a lot of years ago....The crewman's name was Alexander Boris. I did some research tonight but didn't find out too much. One of the planes he flew on was lost with all on board KIA in Sept. 1944 on the gas hauling missions. Dad flew a number of these gas trucking missions also. I found the MACR (Missing Air Crew Report) one of the planes that airman Boris had flown on. The MACR's describe the circumstances surrounding the loss of the plane and the men lost or captured. Unfortunately he never shared much of his service history with his son so there are mysteries to unravel.

No motorcycle stuff going on for a while and the current side car project is kind of on hold right now. I'll get into things later this spring. Work is taking up most of my time at this point.
All is well in the Smith world........Later......

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