Sunday, March 8, 2009

Arizona Side Car Tour Day 2

Leaving Prescott AZ. we continued north and then east over to Jerome AZ. This photo was just above Jerome at a little view point. The roads were excellent bike roads and traffic was moderate. Very beautiful country here and numerous different rock formations were at every turn.

We stopped at a little cafe for breakfast in Jerome. A couple on a rented BMW Oilhead from New Hampshire stopped to visit and borrowed a wrench to tighten their bar mounted GPS System. They were on a family visit to the Phoenix area and rented the bike for a few days. Jerome is perched high on a cliff face with the houses stacked one on top of the other. A lot of old mining sites were along the road. The town is now somewhat of a artists town with lots of antique and art stores.

This view is heading down the mountain away from town. The main highway winds through all the little narrow streets through town. We headed west from there through Cottonwood and to Camp Verde. This road then led us into the higher country north of Payson AZ.
We ran many miles on top of a plateau where the weather was still a little like winter. Lots of snow up here. The temperature dropped down into the 50's and 60's but we were just fine with the gear we were wearing.
I believe this was Pine AZ. North of Payson AZ. The roads were no heading down in elevation out of the snow country. Recent snow was evident by the looks of all the grass being pressed down to the ground. This area reminded us alot of Montana and Wyoming.
Payson was the next stop. This brought us about 100 miles or so north of Phoenix. We found out that our youngest daughter, Treena, was going to be in Phoenix this night so making it to Phoenix was our goal of the day.
The hundred miles from Payson to Phoenix is a divided roadway and covers a lot of high desert country. Up and down the mountains while continually dropping in elevation until you hit Phoenix. We had no decent city maps but managed to find our way to Treenas' motel without any problems. A nice hot. hot tub awaited us upon arrival. We had a great dinner at the local Sheraton Hotel in the evening. Another great day!

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Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.