Friday, February 27, 2009

R100S/6 Side Hack Tug Progress

Monday March 9th. I worked on the bike part of the day. Properly routed the wiring harness, installed the turn signals & tail light. Bolted up the luggage rack. The wiring diagrams I have aren't worth a crap so I'll have to do a little research for better drawings. Received the old solo seat purchased on EBay. The mount is for a /5 short wheel base so I'll have to fabricate a mounting plate to fit this frame. Shouldn't be too big a job. I'm more concerned about getting wiring figured out more than anything.
It is starting to take shape. A lot of details left but there is no hurry to complete the job. All of the main components are in place.
Monday ; Got the fenders and battery box installed. Sat the tank and seat on for this photo. I'm a little burned out since it has been in the 80's and 90's every day. We will depart on a Motorcycle / Sidecar trip tomorrow for 5 days or so. I'll post photos of the trip when we return. Adios for now.

Sunday March 1; Today the transmission was installed. Used a kick start 5 speed which came with my 74 R90/6 which had the sidecar hooked to it. It has a damaged flange at the output shaft so I never sold it. It should work just fine. The 1974 year model 5 speeds were known to be a little weak. I have three more transmissions, all which will work on this bike so if there is a problem I'll just swap it out.
I had to swap out the handle bars to the /6 bars as the R100 bars (slightly larger diameter) wouldn't accept the /6 controls. The /6 bars are in poor shape with a lot of pitting in the chrome. They'll have to do for now.

I installed the headlight and pulled in the wiring harness. I'll be studying wiring diagrams to figure out the wiring of a /6 harness to a R100 engine. I got the fenders primed / painted and clear coated today. They will go on tomorrow. The bike will look pretty complete by the end of the day tomorrow. The wiring will need to be addressed and the engine top end will have to come off. The actual firing up of the bike will happen down the line after I find a reasonable machine shop. I had a top end done in Bozeman last year for only $90.00. Maybe I'll get to Bozeman again.(?)

Saturday Feb. 28th; Got the engine degreased, cleaned up and installed today, had to change the center stand to the R100 stand as the R90 stand would not clear the larger oil pan. Might get the transmission installed tomorrow and maybe install the wiring harness.
Spent the last two days cleaning, priming, painting the frames, front end, and all lower parts. Ended up down to the bare frame to complete the clean up. Had to swap one rear tire and installed an R75/5 rear rim to match the alloy front rim. Will need to mount up a different front tire also as this one is worn out. Luckily I have a pair of decent tires I had saved with 30% tread left or so. Had to re drill the front fender to match up with the fender mounts. The previous fender had been modified to clear the shocks and frame but this fender fit perfectly with out any cutting. The handle bars are very wide bars which I dislike. I think I will hack about 3" off each end to make them fit me better. The wiring and cables would not be long enough to fit these bars.

So this is the R90/6 frame with the R100S leading link front end and 32/10 final drive. I was able to use the four R100S shock absorbers too. They were the best of the 8 shocks I have on hand. I cleaned and greased the front steering head bearings before installation. They looked and felt good dry but feel like they have a "flat" spot on them after greasing and installation. (?)

I hope to set the engine in the frame tomorrow but have quite a bit of cleaning to do on the engine before installing. The engine upper end will need the cylinders / heads reconditioned but it is easier for me to work on the engine in the frame. I received a nice pair of R100 Bing Carbs yesterday via EBay. They look like new. I am going to list all my extra (6) carbs on EBay tonight since I can't see that I'll need them at this point.

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