Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Past Years BMW R Bike "Barn Finds"

1979 BMW R100S [$$$] This bike was carrying a right hand side car and took a hit on the sidecar side, damaging the rear framework. I committed to purchase this bike today. I am seriously thinking about building a bike from the ground up. Using the (Blue bike below) R90/6 frame and the R100S Engine / Transmission with the leading link suspension. This should be a very good combination with the twin disc brakes. My goal this winter would be to get the R90/6 engine & front end removed and the R100S front end & engine installed into the frame. The R90/6 engine/transmission could then be sold or used as a spare for the black bike. I have a 6.2 Gallon Police Touring Tank in Mexico right now being repainted in Black. The paint is done but they needed to buff it out again. I will paint all the blue bodywork black on the /6. I worked on the /6 bike today and found that the engine is stuck. Meaning that there is probably some surface rust in the cylinders. I've filled the cylinders with Marvel Oil and will let it soak. The engine oil looks real clean so suspect the engine lower end should be fine with 40k or so miles on the clock. I hope that the R100S engine is good as it sits. (?) The seller said that the transmission was rebuilt right before the accident.
1974 R90/6 Touring Tank [$$] Has been sitting for 6 years or so. Was running when parked. (That's what they all say!) Needs a lot of TLC. I may put a little effort into getting this one running since it is pretty much complete and hasn't been molested too bad. Unoriginal paint. Only missing a few minor items but boy was it greasy / dirty. In the next few days this one will be examined and hopefully pass the muster to avoid the butcher / dismantler.

1973 BMW R75/5 Toaster Tank [$$]. This poor girl took a major left side lay down which apparently removed the left cylinder. Upon getting it home I found that there was hardly a part that a previous owner didn't mess with. Things were welded to the frame, holes drilled here and there, a trailer hitch, and a lot of "personalizing touches" which pretty much ruined the bike. Ended up that the frame was tweaked so it came apart and became EBay fodder. I've kept the 4 speed transmission for a spare if ever needed.
1971 BMW R75/5 Touring Tank [$]. This bike was represented over the phone as "restoration begun" project bike. In reality it was a mess of mixed up parts in boxes and missing parts too numerous to list. There were parts from Asian bikes, Harley's and even some Jaguar car pieces included. The seller had no idea what they were selling. This poor old girl was pieced out as EBay fodder also. It did have very nice original painted / striped fenders. The engine parts showed little or no wear so I don't know why someone would have taken it apart. Considering what you see here in this photo, surprisingly this bike brought in more income/profit than any bike I've ever salvaged.

1975 R60/6 Heinrich Tank [$]. This bike is my luckiest purchase. Although the bike was not worth restoring as it had been sitting out for many years in the Montana climate, it did come with one of the rarest fuel tanks in the BMW world. After restoraton this Heinrich tank went onto my present sidecar rig. I pulled a few odd parts off this one for EBay and the chassis went to a fellow looking for a parts bike. We were all happy.

Another 1974 R90/6 Sport Tank [$$$$]. This bike was purchased for the sidecar, which is now living on our current driver. The bike was pretty much complete except someone had done some messing with the ignition wiring. The bike was parted out. I ended up keeping the drive train. The 900cc engine top end now lives on my present bike and the lower end of engine & transmission have been kept as a spare. A bike collector in Montana purchased the titled rolling chassis for a project he was assembling.

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