Monday, February 23, 2009

BMW R100S/6 Side Car Tug

After carefully looking over this 1974 BMW R90/6 I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't put forth the effort to get it running as is. The bike has sat for 7 years or so and had a little cylinder surface rust. The left spark plug is partially stripped and the final drive has a bad thread on one of the drain plugs. I began tearing it down yesterday to prepare it for its' new life. Due to the amount of grease and dirt on the frame it will go done to the bare frame for clean up, priming and painting. We've had 80 degree weather the past few days so working out side is great. Unfortunantly I've ome down with a cold so am not working too fast. A few hours work yesterday saw the engine and transmission come out of the frame.
Today the rest of the bike came apart and she is now down to the frame. I removed the swing arm and the u-joint looks good and the swing arm is in good condition, other than a small dent in the cross frame. It won't be too obvious when assembled. I cleaned up the sub frame, sanded all rough and surface rust spots. I gave it some good coats of primer and a couple good coats of satin black paint. I rigged a little "paint booth" outside out of a huge box to contain any overspray and keep the dust out of things. The swing arm came out real nice and pretty. The rest of the frame will go through the same treatment now that it is bare. I've found a couple of little weld repair spots that need to be addressed first. Under the passenger foot braces there are two little spots which typically crack on most all frames, plus a broken weld on the rear sub frame. I will hunt down a welder tomorrow to "glue" these spots. After that I will go after the remaining cleaning, priming and painting.

The swing arm was hung in the shed out of harms way after the paint dried. This old blue tank will likely end up on EBay I imagine. It needs a repair on the reverse side.
Here are most of the large remains of the two bikes. I'll be making another trip to the dump eventually as some of these parts are damaged and beyond hope. The blue fenders will become black and go on the new rat bike. I will use a minimum of chrome on the bike. I want to build this bike as basic and simple as possible.
The leading link front end will also be taken mostly apart so I can prime / paint it also. I will pull the wheels apart and check, clean and lube the wheel bearings as long as they are in good shape. I'll have to come up with some new seals though. Two of the steering head bearings / races look real good so I'll clean and regrease them for reuse on the earls front. The front wheel is an alloy wheel so I'll use a rear alloy wheel I have on hand so we'll have a match. I see a pair of "Lester " Aluminum wheels on EBay right now but they normally bring pretty high dollars. I also have the pair of chrome /6 steel wheels which could be used also. I did win a pair of 40MM Bing carbureators today on EBay so I won't have to attempt to salvage the ones I have. The old ones look real bad as water / fuel have been in them and a lot of corrosion has taken place.

Now if I could mate these two engines together I would have....let's see....1878 cc 's of engine. That would be a hell of a lot of horse power! It has probably been done by some gear head at some point in time.
I'm not sure what this bike would be called. A cross from a R100S and an R90/6. So with the 1000 cc engine we could call it a R100S/6 ?

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