Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Butte Hole

Last weekend looked like a great weather forecast so we couldn't resist the chance for a little ride. I took care of some work business in the AM while Darian did some stuff around the house. We hit the road at noon or so and took all the back roads from Dillon over to Butte. Had some nice relaxing miles and used the frontage road so as to not be rushed by the interstate traffic. We looked for an old friend around Butte but he shut his phone down so could not find him.

We wandered around Butte and had a nice Breakfast (@ 2:00) and decided to get a camping spot as rain was threatening. We hunkered down at a pub while the rain storms hit and tarped over the sidecar to keep our gear dry. We hit the KOA campground along with another hoard of bikers. Most appeared to be heading for Sturgis I imagine. This is a nice view of the Butte "Pit" from our camp site on Sunday morning.
Another town view from the campsite. Had a nice evening once all the storms passed. Very damp evening and all was wet in the AM. Spent a bit of time looking for our friend around Butte but had no luck. Headed out of Butte after a breakfast and decided to head back the same way we went over. We stopped at Rocker for a few minutes and saw a lot of Hells Angels Riders fueling up. I wanted to take some photos of them but decided against it. From the looks of some of those fellows I didn't think they would appreciate having their photos taken. They looked like a pretty tough bunch. It was refreshing to see some "real" bikers for a change instead of the typical yuppie bikers we usually see on the road. I think there was a Hells Angels' Rally over in Missoula the previous week so they were moving over to the Sturgis Rally I imagine.
We just had to stop at the Melstone Bar as it was time for a couple of Bloody Mary's for after breakfast. The Bar Keep definitely knew how to make them and after two I was good to go. Darian even had one, which is rare for her. I caught her in an unprepared moment in this photo, messing with her tethered earplugs or something. We had an uneventful ride to Dillon and stopped for one more cold beer (for me) before heading home. Great ride and a great weekend!
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