Sunday, October 27, 2013

Honda Goldwing Stock Exhaust / 1957 BSA Bantam

I've been looking for an original GL1000 Exhaust system for my 1977 GL to replace the  Jardine headers / mufflers. Ones found on E-Bay are either priced off the charts or are rusty hulks with astronomical shipping costs.
I found a very nice specimen at a bike salvage yard last month but they wanted $400.00 for theirs....pretty proud of it.
Got lucky today.
Went to a junk dealers yard to look at some derelict motorcycles he had for sale. The bikes were junk but lo and behold, there laying on the ground was a complete early GL1000 exhaust system. No side shields on the muffler, but snooping around I found them on a shelf. Everything was in pretty decent shape. One side shield had a small scrape. The chrome muffler tips were perfect, minus the baffles. The header chrome covers have some dents but will "tap" out with a little effort. "How much I asked?".... $45.00 he says...... I'll give ya $50.00 I told him...ya!

Also checked with a bike shop Sat. to see what they might have to offer. The owner has a 1957 BSA Bantam which is a little 2 stroke 150cc bike. These were based on the German DKW 125cc design from the 30's. As a part of "War Reparations" the designs for these bikes were given out to England, USA, Russia. They were the basis for the Harley Hummer design and other manufacturers similar designs.
The BSA appears complete, other than the seat cover / foam missing, but the pan is there.
It has had a repaint years ago, but looks to be a pretty complete bike. Has compression & spark. Was last licensed in 1974. Has a little registration "disk" mounted on the side of the headlight. Owner said he'd take a "grand" for it. Been doing some research to see what they are bringing. The asking price is likely fair....down side is "no paperwork" with the bike. I took a few photos with my phone but can't send them to myself for some reason. I'll post the photos if I can ever retrieve them.

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