Sunday, October 6, 2013

1988 R100RT

R100RT "Mono" Project?
Never paid any attention to the plate "verbage" til this morning....Hopefully the license plate is not a sign of things to come:

My wife & I wrestled it out of the pickup this AM.

I was able to give it a good looking over. The fairing mount / headlight bucket were in a saddle bag. ....some missing bolts here there. Pulled the float bowls and they were very clean, as is the tank. Looks like everything was properly drained. Throttle / choke / clutch all seem to function. The front brakes applied / released as they should. The right side of the tank is dented in, but doesn't have any sort of creases....might be able to "pop" it out with a suction cup.(?) A few loose wires here and there. Over all I think it has great possibilities. Exhaust system looks sound, just some acid stains in one area. Luggage is pretty well worn, but should be functional. The bike has a "Brown" side stand which is a good thing, plus the OEM center stand. The seat is tattered but I can have it redone in Yuma pretty cheap if I decide to go that way....I found a real nice "Corbin" seat for $20.00 at a local Flea Market last weekend, just had to take it home. Might be able to adapt it to the BMW...I think it is for a mid 90's Yamaha.

My BMW experience ends with the 1982 model years. Never had any experience with a 1988 "Mono" model.
62k miles on the odometer. The owner had it a couple of years....sold it to a neighbor, then it was stolen. 3 + years later the original owner got a call (still titled in his name) and the bike had been recovered. He got it home and it fired right up, drove it into his car port and there it sat for the past couple years. It was out of direct weather / rain anyway. The owner said he needed a new acetylene bottle so sold it cheap to gather some quick cash. Luckily he still had a clear title in his name...nothing worse than screwing around trying to obtain new Titles....been there...done that and it's a PITA!

I think I'll pull it down to the frame this Winter. Definitely will pull the top end apart to look things over. I imagine the air box might have some former "residents" as it was out in the country. The fairing was removed by the thieves so no fairing. Not sure what to do with the thing, but I'll turn it into some sort of "Rat" machine.
I don't think it should be "parted" out as it is mostly there and should run.

 This photo of an R100 "Mono" came off the me some ideas of what is possible.


Richard M said...

It doesn't look like its in too bad of shape but what do I know. I like the color and that last photo of the "cafe-ed" bike looks pretty good.

BMW HACKER said...

It's much uglier "in person"...take my word for it. But it does have possibilities. I'll have some fun digging into a post 70's bike for a

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.