Monday, July 27, 2009

Old Rural Texas Day 1

A couple hours from "home" I got mixed in with this group (or should I say grope) sidecar in the herd.....a Hannigan something or other.......big.....looked comfy inside.

There were a number of big tire chopper rigs.....driver sure didn't look very comfortable going down the road.

Fairly large bunch...they rode way too close together and when someone up front slowed it was like an accordion........some not paying close attention had a surprise.....riding like this is not for me.

Some nice country out here.

A group of old aluminum wind powered generators...they were nearly all spinning. Caught my attention from quite a few miles out. On closer inspection I could see that they were not wired in. They have probably been spinning for no reason for a lot of years.

Only things living in this old place were the spiders, lots of them...and big ones.

This says 102....someone a few miles back at a gas stop said it was 109......felt like 109

Made it to Copper Breaks Park for the was uncomfortably hot until late at night. The insects were minimal until nightfall...then they seemed to rain down from the trees.

Had a late night visit from a raccoon...he must have wanted a pear I left in a bag on the table. He was persistent so I hung the bag from a lantern hook.

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Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.