Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Time slips by so quickly...seems like I just performed a lot of the service tasks I'm doing now....I checked my informal maintenance log, which is partially stored in my mind (scary) and moved forward. Last night I pulled the big Heinrich fuel tank and removed the piece of crap spot light I had installed. I had run the wiring with the main loom so the Heinrich tank had to come off. While the tank was off I made some rubber pads to cushion the tank as it contacts the frame on each side. I had some heavy foam stuff installed for bumpers but it had compressed to nothingness. Heinrich tanks had a tiny little rubber pad glued to the tank contact areas but these were shot and in the wrong place.
I installed a set of Heinrich Tank reproduction knee pads I had aquired a few months ago. I ended up using an automotive weather strip adhesive. It works well but is miserable crap to work with. H-G Fuel Tanks made up the pads for me. I think he is the worlds' sole source for the pads.
I drained the final drive and inspected the oil from last weeks 700 mile run and found it to be pretty clean. Replaced the oil. Tonight I changed the oil & filter, adjusted the carbs a bit and tightened a few questionable bolts. This morning I ordered a special "Ed Korn" BMW /5 tool for wheel bearing grease injection. The cost of express mail to get it here tomorrow was nearly as much as the tool but decided it was necessary. It's been quite a while since a wheel bearing service. This tool does not stop the need for a proper wheel bearing service but I will be more at ease knowing some fresh grease has been introduced. So tomorrow night the wheels will come off. Early Saturday morning we will be on the road!

This photo was a few years back on the Beartooth Pass at Memorial Day. The bike is in its' old form. Ended up riding through slush and some drifted blowing snow.....cold & exciting. We'll be going over numerous Colorado passes next week which are over 10,000 feet elevation.
Most snow should be gone by now...we'll see. Back in the early 80's a buddy and I ran a Colorado road trip. As the photo shows I used to have hair....This was taken on Rabbit Ear Pass. At an overlook stop I remember visiting with a German couple on an old Airhead BMW. He had over 100k miles on the bike. I was impressed with the bike but stuck to my Asian bikes for quite a few more years. Hondas, Yamahas & Suzukis. Never could bring myself to buy a Kawasucki for some reason................

I wonder if anyone makes this on a sticker?.................

This is the Mongolian technique for spoke reinforcement. Pretty sweet.
I checked my spokes recently and snugged up the torque a bit. I visited with a side car dealer in the Northwest and he said that spoke checks were a necessity. He has installed side cars on over 500 motorcycles with spokes and has seen one failure.......due to someone not keeping track of spoke tightness ( a very heavy Harley with a very heavy sidecar). Typically, spoked wheels were not designed for the side loading involved with side cars but after talking with folks with years of experience under their belts I am more at ease with there use.

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ara & spirit said...

That would be a great sticker!!!
Louise and Shaen are such delights... I will have more on them soon... I think we both had heat strokes...
Stay cool... stay in touch... love those spokes!!!
Ara & Spirit

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