Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One Day / Bike At A Time......

I've been in contact with this fellow Montanan Gearhead who is stationed in a foreign country in the service of our country. He is a motorcycle fanatic and dreams daily of his future motorcycle projects. He has a few BMW's including some old vintage iron and hopes to set up a side car rig upon his return home. He is a great guy and I would like everyone to say a prayer for his daily safety and eventually his safe return.

I found this on the net a few years ago....I think it was a pre WW2 BMW Military design that more than likely hit a dead end. Pretty limited use for something like this. Right up there with the Kettenkrad. Maybe I could set one up like this for Montana winter riding.(?) I bet the steering geometry is something else or maybe you just have to go in a straight line all the time.(?).
I also found this on the net a while back.....By chance I think it belongs to my friend Rex M. in Miles City MT. He has a habit of not washing his bikes...this old /2 seems to wear his "patina." If I remember right it was described as a very rare "Pop Dreyer" side car....notice the cool racing fin on the back and the camo paint. I love the looks of this old guy. (Not you Rex...the bike!)
Ural lovers can drool for days over the prospect of wandering through this yard. "U-Bear" who is on a side car (Ural) traveling round the world for 10 years...currently in Russia I believe....saw this sight at a police impound yard. Seems the Russian Police have "detained" all these due to unsafe something or other. A lot of them have been sitting there for years. I wonder if they have police auctions over there.....Using one of those hydraulic trash compactors, a guy could fill a shipping container with a full load. Sorry Ural guys........I couldn't help myself.

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