Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Wandering - "Tumco" Gold Mines - Ghost Town

We wanted to do a little hiking a few days ago so decided to head over into California a few miles to some interesting areas. We've passed the turn off to "Gold Rock Ranch" dozens of times but didn't want to drive the rough road in with any of the vehicles we had in the past.

There are some small residences there and some RV spaces to rent. A little store with a museum describing the history of the area. A lot of off road folks filter in and out from the Algodones Dunes. 

Snooping around the museum we see information about "Tumco", a ghost town / abandoned mining site back across the highway. Seems there was at one time up to 3000 hardy souls living in Tumco. It was originally named "Hedges" but the name was changed when a large mining corporation purchased the mines and surrounding properties.

Very easy road going in...only a short drive off the main road.

Recent rains made conditions possible for this lone mushroom to take hold. Poor thing was dry as a bone now, but still hanging in there.

LOTS of old tin cans, thousands of them, scattered about the area. Also lots of rusty scrap metal, mine debris. 

Old foundation pit.

Two walls left standing, both about ready to collapse.

Quite a few remains of structures about.

The most substantial building left standing.

Remains of a floor slab.

Not sure what the structure above was....definitely steel. 

Someone's impromptu Memorial.

Eroded tailings / waste piles.

More tailings, eroded to caves & sinks.

Old equipment foundation.

Large tanks from mining....probably from cyanide leaching process. (?)

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