Monday, June 4, 2018

OHHHH....the woes of retirement....NOT

Ha Ha....thoroughly enjoying retirement....SO NICE not to have to be consumed with work!
We've been in Montana for 6 weeks or so now....arrived just in time for a late snowstorm.
We had great weather coming north from Arizona.

My first ride of any distance ended poorly when my GL1000 Goldwing developed a problem.....luckily it was only 5 miles from home at the end of a 200+ mile ride. As my saddle fuel tanks ran dry, the bike stumbled and would not run without pumping the throttle. Not sure what the issue is. Started tearing into it along the road and then decided to use my AAA benefits to tow me & the bike home. Seldom use AAA....been a few years, so what the heck....that's why we pay $150.00 a year. Of course the bike died right downwind of a small

We moved our RV out near Columbus Montana, onto some property owned by my Brother in Law. He offered us a nice spot to spend our summer. We rented a skid steer and had a load of fresh road base hauled in to relevel the site.....nice shady spot. The area had 3" of rain a couple days prior to moving out so nearly got the RV stuck trying to back it in....ended up pulling it in forward which actually worked better as our main windows overlook the "patio" area.
There is a little "seasonal" spring which runs water across the road. It will eventually dry up in the next month or so. 

Darian is tending her first Rosebush!

I set up a bird bath and a small bird house in the yard.

We have a lot of wild life in the little area.....have seen wild Turkeys (lots of them), Deer, Skunks (unfortunately), an occasional Bull Snake, lots of different birds..... Saw a Bobcat a few years ago here. Brother in Law has a fully equipped 40' X 64' Shop right next door so I hope to tear into my sidecar soon to perform long overdue repairs. 

Montana had a LOT of snow last Winter / Spring …...combined with recent rains, the Yellowstone River was out of its' banks last week. Fortunately it has receded quite a bit so the major  flooding expected was minimal. 

Our place is across the river (below) on the other side of those hills.

The town of Columbus is in the distance. (below)

I've taken a few rides in the immediate area....over to "Rapelje" Montana, which is a little  "berg" of a town, mainly farming area.....only a Post Office and CafĂ©,,,,,but School for the local farm kids. 

Today I ran over to Joliet Montana (Some of my relatives lived there in the early 1900's), then to Red Lodge Montana. Red Lodge is the route over the Beartooth Pass. The Pass just opened a couple days ago, but was immediately closed due to drifting snow. I've gone across early many years but still too much snow for me to attempt to cross. Wind can raise havoc up there and blow snow around.

Stopped in Red Lodge for some excellent Mexican Food....also ran into my buddy Bob Clement (Bob's Motorwerkes - BMW Mechanic) on his sidecar rig. 

Old photo of Bob.....8 years or so ago....he doesn't age like the rest of

Rock Creek, which runs through Red Lodge....high & experience kayaker lost his life on the Stillwater River last weekend....similar currents.

Came back through Absarokee …. Beautiful day!

East Rosebud Canyon

West Rosebud Canyon

I've backpacked up those canyons when I was younger....don't have it in me to do it

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