Sunday, February 26, 2012

Death Valley and Beyond - BMW Airhead Sidecar Tour

As always there were a few other side car rigs in attendance.

One Ural appeared....I think it was trailered to the Rally.

This one is a R100 conversion into an earlier frame. Very tidy rig. He was running 32mm Bing carbs on the R100 engine. The sidecar was a "one off" fiberglass tub which was modeled after an English steel tub. The sidecar was quite large.

This one is a Watsonian Car attached to a BMW R100RT. The sidecar was originally a two seat version which was converted to a one seater. Unfortunately the sidecar access drop was on the wrong side since English cars are made for left side mounting.

Another old /2 conversion with a Ural car. This one was ridden in by a gal.

We left Texas Springs on Monday morning. While fueling up at Stovepipe Wells I spied a sidecar rig on a trailer across the road. By chance it was "Ara (The Beemer Chef) & Spirits rig. He was nowhere around and we hung around for a few minutes before moving on....maybe we'll meet again sometime down the road.
Upon inspection of our rig I noticed fast wear occurring on the rear tire on the bike. I had mounted "K-Block" tires prior to leaving. The one on the bikes' rear was a used tire but had lots of tread....but it was disappearing quickly due to our massive load of stuff.....on ward we headed for Panamint Springs.

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