Sunday, January 29, 2012

3rd. Times a charm?

Put a few miles on the bike after the 2nd. transmission removal with the hope that the rear seal might "seat" and quit such chance.

Local bombing range in my back yard.

So I pulled the bike apart for the third time to replace the new rear seal with a replacement seal. The new seal material looked "healthier" than the one I installed previously. I also obtained a stock flywheel to replace the lightened flywheel which was on the bike. I removed the oil pump o-ring again to check it and it looked fine. I replaced it with a new one.

The newest seal:

The old oil pump o-ring and the first "new" seal.
Here is the lightened flywheel which I swapped out. Someone spent a lot of hours machining this fellow years back. I've never seen one taken this far.
The bike seems to idle steadier with the stock flywheel in place. I ran it a few miles yesterday after re-assembly and so far so leaks.
I started the tear down at around 1:00 PM and had the bike back together and running at around 5:30. Flywheel removal is getting to be routine. Hopefully I won't have to do it for a while.....don't need any more practice at this point.

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