Saturday, March 19, 2011

BMW's going and coming

The old R75/5 was delivered to the new care taker in Phoenix yesterday. Was kind of sad to see it got but it was time. He'll have fun with it. I think it has good to someone who will appreciate it.
I rode a few miles on the R65 last night and everything checks out good. It has a minor (hopefully) electrical gremlin as it blew a fuse for the turn signals. All the turn signals are loose on the mounting stalks so I'll look into that. All electrical systems were working fine when I test rode the bike in Phoenix.
It is a nice looking bike. The bike is mostly clean and with a little detailing it will look even better. The paint is good other than a few spots on the front fender. I'll begin sorting things out on it as time allows. I'll change all fluids, check out the electrical systems, and give it a general cleaning up. The Metzler tires are in pretty fair shape so won't have to buy any tires ...for now anyway. It also has a brand new "Brown" sidestand installed but no center stand. I was glad to see the complete, original tool set was also present, a nice plus. The Krauser bags and mounts are in great shape and function properly. Won't need bungie straps to hold them on like the R75/5.
I'll go over the systems with minimal cash output and then decide if it will hang around for a while. Have never been a R65 fan but we'll see how things develope. It will eventually make a good entry level bike for a new BMW owner.

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Matthew said...

oh man - i can't believe the r75 is gone. that was really a beautiful bike - i think i'd really like to own something like it someday. good luck with the new bike!

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.