Saturday, July 17, 2010

BMW R75/5 ....Glacier National Park

Since the R100s sidecar rig was out of commission I pulled the BMW "Hag" out of the trailer. I hadn't ridden her since last November, although I had started her and warmed the engine up on occasion. My wife was running to Billings to see the grand kids so I decided to plan a little road trip. Glacier National Park is fairly close so decided on that route. Checked over the bike and besides airing the tires nothing was really needed. I packed pretty light with camping gear but no cooking gear this time. Ran up MT. Highway 89 and stopped in Choteau MT. for a roll and a cup of coffee.

Next stop was Browning MT. I arrived there just in time for the "Indian Days" parade. Fueled and sat at the gas station for 1/2 hour or so. The tiny little town was jammed to the gills with people. Took me another 1/2 hour to get out of town.

Highway 89 leads to St. Mary and the East entrance to Glacier Park. I made another fuel stop there before heading into the park. Below is one of the many views seen approaching St. Mary.

Burned section of pines made for an interesting view.

View of St. Mary Lake.

Photo ops are at every bend. I stopped at one pull out and a young So. Cal. couple pulled in. I offered to take their photo and in return they took mine....

Further up the "Going To The Sun" highway the road turns to Gravel due to road construction. I laughed to myself as I met a lot of guys on custom Harleys who were likely in tears riding their high dollar shiny machines in the dust & gravel. A couple sections were running water making for a nice slimy "stew" to ride through. I'll bet a lot of toothbrushes were busy the next day...

Below: Approaching Logan Pass and the visitor center. I was into making some time so passed on pulling into the parking lot which was seething with Harley Davidsons.

Over Logan Pass and you can see the switchback highway descending to the west.

Had to showcase Rex's "BMW DOG" Sticker.

Water Falls everywhere this time of year.

Made it to Missoula Mt. by 7:00 pm. Decided to hit the local KOA and got the last tent site. Met three guys from New Jersey who were returning from Alaska. The Harley / Trailer Rig also made the trip. We sat up til way too late drinking & talking...

Another camping neighbor on a 650 single BMW....hauling this trailer load of gear and his Grand son...

Had a quick breakfast at the KOA...saw one of the New Jersey guys at breakfast...he was green around the gills and sort of Zombie like.....thanks to Jim Beam? I packed up and hit the road by 8:00. Left Missoula and headed to Lincoln MT. Rogers Pass sports the sign below...BRRRRRRR.

Leaving Lincoln I was on the home stretch. Still was pretty early so decided to cut over on Highway 287 to Wolf Creek and follow the Missouri River back to Great Falls. The scenery was great and the old BMW never missed a beat so far.

Staying off of the Interstate brings you along the "River Road" and a lot more scenic views.
Made it to Belt MT. only 25 miles from home but was really tired. Pulled into a small city park in Belt and took a quick nap before running the final few miles....a great uneventful trip.

I've now pulled the R100S engine top end apart and found a damaged piston and bent valve. Am working on finding all the parts needed. A new piston is nearly $400.00! Found a (hopefully) good used one for $75.00. I'll get to work on parts acquisition and hopefully have the sidecar back on the road in a couple of weeks.

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