Sunday, April 18, 2010

BMW R100S/6 maintenance.......

Finally quit raining. The lake here has receded. Rolled out the bike today......replaced the late model valve covers with a straight, earlier design, pair I salvaged from the R75/6. Had them bead blasted at a shop in Amarillo on Friday.

Replaced one left side rocker arm assembly with a replacement I found last of the original rocker assemblies had suffered from some rust corrosion. Also replaced one rocker arm nut on the right side.

Re torqued the head bolts and reset the valves. Fired the bike up but wasn't running right. Messed with the points and reset the time via the static timing route. Battery was run down so pulled it out and set it on the charger.

Spent some time and reset the upper side car mountings. Rotated the front one over.....moved the rear one forward to decrease the angle from the bike to the hack.

Wanted to run the bike a couple of miles but battery level was too low to start the engine. I will need to sort out the "poorly running" problem at a later date.....When I initially fired the bike up in MT. it didn't run quite right until it warmed up. When I shut it down from my last ride it was running badly....I figured it was the valve adjustments....but am not sure now....I'll get it sorted out....

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