Saturday, October 3, 2009

R100S Sidecar Progress

Dug the Sputnik sidecar wheel / axle assembly and took a closer look at what is needed to adapt it to the Jupiter sidecar. Received some opinions from a machinist who is building his own sidecar from scratch. now just need to remove the axle in use and get them both to a machine shop for fabrication of a new axle.
The Jupiter hack fender sits on a pivot for easy access to the assembly....the old shock absorber in place should be changed too.
The 1973 1/2 long wheel base sub frame ....I've installed this on the bike in the past week. It is a lot stronger than the stock "single cross member" sub frame.

The "new' sub frame after priming / painting.
Rear view......

Spent a couple of hours and mounted the Bates saddle bags....not a good mounting yet...need one more bracket made to stabilize them. See a set of better mounting frames on eBay so might bid on them.

Pulled the top / front of engine apart.....pulled starter relay cover off and sorted through the the wiring squared away..(I hope) replaced the R100S engine wiring harness with the R90/6 wiring harness. Wired in the tail lights and turn signals....cleaned a lot of electrical connections. Removed the starter and checked flywheel teeth / starter teeth...starter appears to be in good condition.

Removed diode board and replaced the rubber mounting parts...two of them were broken. Need to pull the points and mechanical advance unit to check them.

Still need to sort out the gauge wiring......need new cable for clutch, the one I have is way too long.

Swapped out the final drive with a fresh one I had on hand. Replaced the drive shaft bolts with new ones.

Getting closer to life....


Anonymous said...

Did you ever change out the stock shock on the Sputnik sidecar rig. Do you have any photos of that installation if so?
BMW 1983RT + Sputnik

BMW HACKER said...

Greetings Max.
My Jupiter had an old light weight Honda shock on it. I picked up a much heavier duty shock from a Bike Salvage place....modified the lower "eyelet" (had to grind it to make it narrower) to fit in the stock mount....I think my upper mount has been modified in the past as it is simply a large stud welded to the upper frame. I'll look back at some other posts....might have taken photos when I changed the shock.

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.